Quality Responsive Web Design For Vermont Small Business By 802design

The times vary from project to project. 802design does not offer a cookie cutter approach, each website is as unique the company. Completion times are driven by basic research, goals, functionality, products and desired complexity of website. Owner participation is also a factor…such as content adjustments and image choices, these are made by your company and depending on response times may slow production.

A rule of thumb, very small (4 – 6 pages) could take up to 4 weeks to complete. While larger sites and ecommerce could take 12 – 14 weeks or even longer.

A Standard inclusion for sites by 802design is the initial meta data. We also submit your website to all major search engines to ensure you are indexed quickly. Initial meta data is based on your company locale, product, goals and competitor analysis. If your site has not been indexed in 90 days, a re-submittal may be needed. To rank higher you may consider our SEO and social marketing services to increase traffic.

Truthfully, maybe not. It’s possible time lines, vision or price simply do not meet your needs, but that decision is yours. 802design is dedicated to getting Vermont small businesses online with visually satisfying web designs, initializing our standard features and supporting the launch of your website. We are happy for the opportunity and will make sure you have all the necessary information to make the right choice for you and your company.

We can definitely help with hosting. Drop us a line or call (802) 988-0080 and we will take a look at what will deliver the best results.

Along with an initial free phone consultation, we offer several free services:

  • Free SEO Report
  • Web Site Speed Analysis
  • Basic Keyword (10 max) Analysis (SERP Report)

These types of service will give you and 802design an understanding of potential improvements, additions or redesigns are needed and what direction 802design or your company needs to go.

802design takes great pride in the extensive research performed to make sure your website matches the needs of your company, your industry and your customers. The investment of a website is dependent on your goals, both present and future, hours of construction and inclusions.

Basic or small informational websites can vary from $1k to $2k, while more detailed websites could be $3k to $5k depending on marketing needs, product and inclusions.  Larger and eCommerce websites require an estimate. There are of course some exceptions which can be determined after the initial consultation.

Like any company asset, websites need to be freshened up, tuned-up or updated from time to time. Today’s CMS (Content Management Systems) require regular updates to ensure security and software are up to date to meet the ever changing internet world.

802design offers an “On Call” update service that is billed on an hourly basis. if you need updates, additions, content changes or the like, simply email us the list of changes, we’ll take care of it for you, includes backups and operational checks.

We also offer virtual training on how you can update your site on your own.

Yes! 802design only provides responsive designed website. Also referred to as fluid design, your site will auto adjust to any device, desktop, laptop, tablet or phone. There may be some visual difference from one device to the other due to screen size and memory, but all the important items will be visible to all customers on the go.


What’s happening At The Shoe!

Thanks to the crew at 802design and Reachmor our little bar gets a lot of attention. From the updated Facebook page to the site itself we’ve gained more followers and traffic than we could have imagined.

Great Job…We recommend to anyone!!!!